A person who has suffered the effects of thalidomide, in particular phocomelia (flipper limbs)
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Every single Australian thalidomider was injured by a drug made by Grunenthal in Germany.
Viewers will meet Tommy Burbage, a publican working in the family business in Portarlington, Co Laois, and Co Down woman Leigh Gath who now lives in Limerick with husband and fellow thalidomider Eugene Gath.
One thalidomider, a professional artist, said, he would now be able to employ a part-time studio assistant and a home-carer to help him maintain independence, while another said it would enable them to continue with physiotherapy and the services of a naturopath, as well as make home improvements.
Thalidomide Trust Director, Martin Johnson said, “The announcement of a 10-year continuation of funding for UK thalidomiders on 20th December has been received with great appreciation by the UK group.
Fellow thalidomider Mikey Argy said it was "such a relief to hear the Government finally admit they made a mistake, and that they're wishing to make a wrong right" and survivor Sue Kent said the compensation was "hugely important".
He said: "I know that a lot of thalidomiders have waited a long time for this.
The group, who have formed a pan-European Non-Governmental Organisation called EDRIC (European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre), chaired by Thalidomider and former BBC veteran, Geoff Adams-Spink, are making sure that the knowledge they have gained is preserved and built upon.
It's the brainchild of a group of Thalidomiders from across Europe, who realise that, although they are approaching fifty years old, there are many, younger people with congenital limb differences in the world with whom they can share their experiences of how to lead independent and fulfilled lives.
This was somewhat misleading, and I wish to correct the impression given to your readers that it was thanks to Teresa Smith, a fellow thalidomider, that my release from jail in the Philippines was secured.
Campaign leader Guy Tweedy said: "We don't condone what he did but he's a thalidomider and we had to get him out.
And in a touching ceremony five years ago she married fellow thalidomider Eugene Gath.