A person who has suffered the effects of thalidomide, in particular phocomelia (flipper limbs)
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The 56-year old is a "Thalidomider", born with two short arms, no right leg and a curved spine, the effect of the drug Thalidomide, developed in the 1950s to combat the effects of severe morning sickness in pregnancy.
Now Kevin works as a disability consultant as well as a freelance lecturer and does after dinner speaking on 'Living as a Thalidomider'.
"Every single Australian thalidomider was injured by a drug made by Grunenthal in Germany.
Viewers will meet Tommy Burbage, a publican working in the family business in Portarlington, Co Laois, and Co Down woman Leigh Gath who now lives in Limerick with husband and fellow thalidomider Eugene Gath.
One thalidomider, a professional artist, said, he would now be able to employ a part-time studio assistant and a home-carer to help him maintain independence, while another said it would enable them to continue with physiotherapy and the services of a naturopath, as well as make home improvements.
Thalidomide Trust Director, Martin Johnson said, “The announcement of a 10-year continuation of funding for UK thalidomiders on 20th December has been received with great appreciation by the UK group.
Fellow thalidomider Mikey Argy said it was "such a relief to hear the Government finally admit they made a mistake, and that they're wishing to make a wrong right" and survivor Sue Kent said the compensation was "hugely important".
The group, who have formed a pan-European Non-Governmental Organisation called EDRIC (European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre), chaired by Thalidomider and former BBC veteran, Geoff Adams-Spink, are making sure that the knowledge they have gained is preserved and built upon.
This was somewhat misleading, and I wish to correct the impression given to your readers that it was thanks to Teresa Smith, a fellow thalidomider, that my release from jail in the Philippines was secured.
Campaign leader Guy Tweedy said: "We don't condone what he did but he's a thalidomider and we had to get him out.
And in a touching ceremony five years ago she married fellow thalidomider Eugene Gath.