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tai chi chuan,

n See taijiquan.
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He also worked with Emirates Flight Catering in Dubai for some time as executive sous chef, Japanese & Asian speciality and in 2012 joined Anantara as part of the opening team for the Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa in Abu Dhabi as head chef de cuisine at Pachaylen Thai Restaurant where he worked until recently when he joined Wafi as chef de cuisine of Thai Chi Restaurant.
At Thai Chi, diners can discover the original flavours of the Far East gaining a new perspective on the art of Thai and Chinese cuisine.
Nok Hayataphat, manager, Thai Chi, Pyramids Wafi, Dubai: Yes, it's no secret Thai food is very popular, which I am happy to see.
The school also ensures an air of calm while boosting fitness levels through yoga, Thai chi and parachute games.
I SAW in the paper and on TV, the publicity for Thai Chi as being the soul art with forms of movement that are so beneficial for all ages, healthwise, mind, body and soul.
I'm up running, swimming, doing Thai Chi - and I always have a small group joining me for that.
The group offers over-50s from Huddersfield and surrounding areas the opportunity to get active and socialise, with badminton, table tennis, swimming, fitness classes, Thai Chi and much more.
The cruise line created the revolutionary Creative Learning Institute with a dedicated fitness component featuring hands-on, interactive instruction in Thai Chi and health and fitness seminars conducted by the renowned Cleveland Clinic.
Activities range from gardening, painting and flower arranging to yoga and Thai Chi.
Body Combat is a new fusion of Thai Chi, karate and kick boxing, which has developed in Australia.
SKELTON : THAI Chi classes at Marton Grove School of Dance, Windsor Road, Eston start on Mondays, from 7.

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