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A transgender person who lives as a woman.
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trans woman

A male-to-female transgender or transsexual person who was an assigned male at birth but identifies as female.

The terms trans woman and its synonym, male-to-female transsexual, are often used for individuals who have not been physically re-assigned/transitioned, and many prefer the simple word women if the process is complete.
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" The Ronettes were tgirl band around in the with international hits Baby, I Can Hear Music I Love You, but they haabout their popularity until they stepped off thbe greeted by a wall of screaming fans.
It belonged to TGirl Nights, an LA club for transgender women.
The revolution of the digital possibilities has made that more and more of and basically all the main characters were women, it didn't seem like something he had done previously, that was kind of a surprise to me, right away I wanted to do it," says rising star, who's set to appear alongside Nicole Kidman in upcoming comedy How To Talk TGirls At Parties, and in Sofia remake of Clint Eastwood Western, The Beguiled.