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The compound CN4H2 with the structure of tetrazolium.
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V Kohli, "Quantitative structure-activity relationship analysis of series of substituted piperidin-2-one biphenyl tetrazoles analogues as novel angiotensin ii receptor antagonists," Oxidation Communications, vol.
Celogen/Expandex family of azodicarbonamide and tetrazole chemical foaming agents includes products to foam plastics at temperatures from 250 F to 698 F:
In that period reactions of isocyanides of particular importance were the formation of tetrazole derivatives from isocyanides and hydrazoic acid developed by Oliveri-Mandala and Alagna in 1910 [15, see also 16] and the first three component reaction of the isocyanides (P-3CR) introduced by Passerini in 1921 [1, 9, 17, 18].
Expandex 5-PT, 5-phenyl tetrazole, is a popular foaming agent for PC.
Tetrazoles are medicinally important heterocycles incorporated in a large number of drugs [15-16].
These findings and the existance of wel known tautomerism between tetrazole and azido forms in a lot of tetrazoles, are leading us to suggest the rapid equilibrium of each forms 4 and 5 with the azide form 3 as shown in Scheme 3 as a reasonable mechanism for explanation these observations.
* Expandex tetrazoles for high-melting thermoplastics such as PC, nylon, thermoplastic polyesters (PET, PBT), ABS alloys, PPE/ PPO alloys, PPS, and polysulfone; Expandex 5-PT has a foaming range of 464 F and higher.
* Expandex tetrazoles for high-melting thermoplastics such as nylon, ABS, polycarbonate, acetal, PPS, SAN, and PPE alloys.
Expandex tetrazoles supplied for high-melting thermoplastics such as nylon, ABS, polycarbonate, acetal, PPS, SAN and PPE-based resins.
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Tetrazole derivatives possess very interesting pharmacological and biological properties and are reported to exhibit variety of biological activities like antibacterial [7], antifungal [8, 9], analgesic [10], anti-inflammatory [11, 12], antitubercular activity [13].