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paralysis of all four limbs; motor and/or sensory function in the cervical spinal segments is impaired or lost due to damage to that part of the spinal cord, resulting in impaired function in the upper limbs, lower limbs, trunk, and pelvic organs. This term does not include conditions due to brachial plexus lesions or to injuries of peripheral nerves outside the spinal canal. Called also tetraplegia. adj., adj quadriple´gic.
Patient Care. The quadriplegic patient has major sensory and motor deficits and is therefore subject to the many problems associated with immobility and loss of sensation. (See hazards of immobility.) The immediate goal of care is the prevention of complications that can affect all body systems, and maintenance of the integrity of the body systems so that optimum rehabilitation can be achieved. The extent to which the patient may eventually achieve mobility in a wheelchair and some degree of independence is greatly affected by the caliber of care received and the motivation and drive of the individual patient.

Mechanical devices such as braces are helpful in compensating for the loss of muscular function. physical therapy procedures and techniques and occupational therapy are essential aspects of patient care and are vital to the attainment of the goals of rehabilitation. (See also paraplegia.)

Patient education is especially important to the long-range goal of prevention of serious complications. Patients and their families should be aware of the early signs and symptoms of breakdown of the skin (pressure ulcer), fecal impaction, a developing infection, and urinary difficulties. As with any type of long-term care, these patients should be medically evaluated periodically and their care should be under the supervision of a visiting nurse. In spite of the many difficulties that may be encountered by paralyzed patients, it is possible for them to lead useful and personally rewarding lives.
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Paralysis of all four limbs.
Synonym(s): tetraplegia
[quadri- + G. plēgē, stroke]
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(tĕt′rə-plē′jə, -jē-ə)
tet′ra·ple′gic adj. & n.
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Paralysis of all four limbs.
Synonym(s): tetraplegia.
[L. quadrus, four + G. plēgē, stroke]
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Quadriplegia. Paralysis of all four limbs.
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Also, the number of paraplegic patients was higher than tetraplegic patients.
The goal of this study was to perform an in-depth biomechanical evaluation of the WDFHO in persons with tetraplegic SCI.
One of these, a 32-year-old woman who had been a tetraplegic for six and a half years, also regained bowel control.
it can be applied when gait analysis fails--and for that of patients that have functional movement limited or kinematical abnormalities on upper limbs, such as hemiplegic and tetraplegic patients with Cerebral Palsy, too.
Normal Ventilator Age at Remaining Dependent High Injury Life at Any Tetraplegic Expectancy Level (C1-C4) 20 56.3 -36.4 -23.5 30 46.9 -31.0 -20.1 40 37.6 -25.2 -16.7 50 28.6 -19.3 -13.1 60 20.5 -13.9 -9.5 Incomplete Age at Low Motor Injury Tetraplegic Functional at (C5-C8) Paraplegic Any Level 20 -17.7 -11.5 -7.3 30 -16.2 -10.2 -6.4 40 -14.0 -8.8 -5.9 50 -11.6 -7.4 -5.2 60 -9.3 -6.7 -4.6 Source: Calculated from data in: Spinal Cord Injury, "Facts and Figures at a Glance," May 1996, National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, UAB.
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Desmond Lennon, defending, said his client had lived "an honest and industrious life" until suffering an accident in 1995, which had left him partially tetraplegic [paralysis caused by illness or injury].
For he suffered a freak fall while out riding his mountain bike in Shelley, trying to simply get his bike up over the kerb which has left him a tetraplegic and reliant on others for everyday tasks.
) OUTNUMBERED'S Claire Skinner guest stars tonight as a mother accused of murdering her tetraplegic teenage daughter.
Mr Davies was captain in his retirement game when, five minutes into the match, the father-of-two was left tetraplegic after a scrum collapsed.
Although Aaron and his mum Hazel have done their best to support him, it's clear that Jackson can't face the thought of living the rest of his life as a tetraplegic, leading his loved ones to come to a very big decision.
The warning comes after the case last year of tetraplegic Jamie Merrett, whose life support machine was switched off by mistake by an agency nurse.