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a moderately toxic chlorinated hydrocarbon formerly widely used as an anthelmintic but now used only as a dry cleaning solvent and for other industrial uses.
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, tetrachloroethylene, tetrachloroethene (te″tră-klor-eth′ĭ-lēn″) (te″tră-klō-rō-eth′ĭ-lēn″) (te″tră-klō-rō-eth′ēn″)
Cl2-C=C-Cl2 or C2Cl4, a clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic odor, used as a solvent.
CAS # 127-18-4
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Patient discussion about tetrachloroethylene

Q. breating air that has tetrachloroethene in it how does it affect you if u have prostate cancer the air in my building has been determined to have Tetrachloroethylene in it i have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer

A. i found a research they did in Finland about tetrachloroethene, and they saw that amongst the people who were exposed to it over the years there was an increased amount of cancerous events. and even prostate cancer.

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