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Tervuren, Tervueren

see belgian shepherd dog.
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She also trains, shows, and breeds Belgian Tervuren and is working on her canine-rehabilitation certification.
Method and Apparatus for Making Disposable Absorbent Article with Absorbent Particulate Polymer Material and Article Made Therewith: Harald Hermann Hundorf, Bonn, Germany; Miguel Brandt Sanz, Tervuren, Belgium; Holger Beruda, Schwalbach, Germany; Horst Blessing, Cincinnati, OH; Peter Dziezok, Hochheim, Germany; Axel Krause, Erfstadt, Germany; Mattias Schmidt, Idstein, Germany; and Lutz Stelzig, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
WELLARD ROBBIE Jackson's Belgian Tervuren Wellard became one of the most-loved pets in EastEnders' history.
The cover image of Authentically African is a 2002 painting by Congolese artist Cheri Samba from the collection of the Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren, depicting a struggle between the Belgian staff of the Tervuren Museum and a group of Congolese officials from the Institut des Musees Nationaux du Zaire (IMNZ).
EastEnders called "cut" on Robbie Jackson's second dog Wellard II - but the Belgian Tervuren (played by the original Wellard's grandson Panther) didn't get the same emotional send-off as his predecessor.
De igual manera, pueden mencionarse las colecciones del Museo Real de Africa Central (Tw) en Tervuren, Belgica, fundada en 1898 con 61 000 ejemplares, y las existentes en el Instituto Smithsonian (USw) iniciada en 1915 y en la Universidad de Nueva York (BWCw) en Syracuse, abierta en 1925, cada una con 40 000 especimenes (Lynch & Gasson, 2010).
Legende: Figure 2: Portrait d'un couple, Peintart, Lubumbashi, 1991, Collection MRAC Tervuren Fonds B.
Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium.
MHNG -- Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Geneva, Switzerland (Peter Schwendinger); NMBA -- National Museum, Bloemfontein, South Africa (Leon Lotz); NHRM -- Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, Stockholm, Sweden (Gunvi Lindberg, Torbjorn Kronestedt); PPRI -- Plant Protection Research Institute, Pretoria, South Africa (Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman, Petro Marais); RMCA -- Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium (Rudy Jocque); SMF -- Senckenberg Research Institute, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Julia Altmann, Peter Jager).
It was commissioned around 1615-20 by the Archduke Albrecht VII, governor of the Spanish Netherlands (together with its pendant Return from the Flight into Egypt--now in the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut), for either his private chapel or summer residence, the castle at Tervuren.
Leopoldian profits extorted from the mistitled Congo Free State funded the construction of the vast Musee du Congo Beige (now Africa Museum) in Tervuren, just outside of Brussels; a number of smaller local museums featured colonial exhibits.