Tervuren, Tervueren

see belgian shepherd dog.
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2005 "initiating, by extension, the listing procedure as a monument of certain movables and objects which have become immovable by destination which were specially designed and created for the Stoclet Palace, 179-281 avenue de Tervueren in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre".
Varios estudios no han podido demostrar la mutacion en otras razas de perros que tambien tuvieron un origen comun con los pastores anteriormente nombrados; es asi como el Bearder collie, Australian cattle dog, Greyhound, pastor belga tervueren, pastor de anatolia, Kelpie, Borzoi, Irish wolfhound y el Elo se consideran libres del gen mutado (22, 27, 30).
Por ejemplo, fomento la pintura al aire libre promovida por las escuelas mas influyentes del arte europeo, como la de Namur, Tervueren, Termonde e, incluso, Barbizon (Puente, s/n).
The automaker organised a parade of 130 hybrid vehicles such as the Prius and Auris hybrids at Tervueren Park west of Brussels on August 31, 2010.
For more information: CEPS, 192 Avenue de Tervueren, 1150, Brussels; Belgium.
Llegan al castillo de Tervueren, donde la familia real ha decidido instalar a Carlota.
An Urban Mobility Showcase is being organised by the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) on 17 and 18 October at the Musee du Transport Urbain Bruxellois at 364 Ave de Tervueren, B-1150 Brussels.
Yolanda Lok, European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy-XVII, Directorate A/Unit A4, Avenue de Tervueren 226-236 (TERV 8/2), B-1150 Brussels, Belgium.
But the TV mongrel is actually a four-year-old pedigree Tervueren - a rare breed originally used for herding by Belgian farmers
Avenue de Tervueren 14, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium Tel.
For registration (by February 28), please contact CEPS, Avenue de Tervueren 192, Boite 3, 1150 Brussels, Belgium.
He's seen here with all of Gill's famous dogs - Tervueren Zenna, Strapper the Jack Russell and mongrels Connal, Harley and Dita.