Albert, French ophthalmologist, 1867-1935. See: Terson glands, Terson syndrome.
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Key players in RFID systems and tags market include Wave Mark, Log Tag, Tagsys RFID Group, Terson Solutions, Solstice Medical LLC, Stanley Innerspace, Logi Tag and Mobile ASpects Inc.
David Campbell, 58, of Pat terson Street, Birkenhead, was jailed for three years.
Al-Turki also met here today with Imam and preacher of Al-Jesr Alawsat mosque in Xinjiang Province and member of the Chinese-Islamic Association, Sheikh Terson Jean Makhasom; Imam and preacher of Soba Province in Benin; Secretary General of Development Orphan Foundation in Yemen, doctor Hamid Hussein Ziad; Dr.
Jeanette Win terson is a favourite writer, together with Margaret Atwood, Miriam Toews, Alice Munro, Julian Barnes and Lionel Shriven "Short stories are probably my favourite literary form.
The Mirror had and Owen Pa terson brought some families who have used foodbanks to watch the debate.
Other causes are Valsalva retinopathy and Terson syndrome (intraocular, usually vitreal, haemorrhage secondary to subarachnoid haemorrhage).
Senior SSPCA inspector Ron Pat terson said: "We have various people phoning around trying to get hold of a boat.
Scotland's recalled winger Thom Evans darted over for a late try, converted by Chris P a terson, and Phil Godman booted two penalties, but Hadden's men again failed to step up.
This time around, the series includes a number of high-profile actors including Max Beesley(Hotel Babylon) and Pa terson Joseph (Peep Show).
And yet, some acknowledgment of those problems, and a reasonable defense for their exclusion from the work, might have been wiser than the wholesale dismissal of them Patterson opts for: "The following British writers of the period have been omitted, although each of them may be regarded as a political playwright, at least in some of their plays: Peter Barnes, Robert Bolt, David Edgar, Barrie Keeffe, David Mercer, Peter Nichols, Harold Pinter, Alan Plater, Stephen Poliakoff, David Rudkin, Tom Stoppard, Peter Terson, Charles Wood" (5).
Pat- terson said her company is putting the fixtures in 37 doors, 12 of which are increasing the space to create a casual Villeroy & Boch shop.