Thomas, Terry

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Terry, 20th century English comedic film actor.
Terry Thomas sign - Synonym(s): David Letterman sign
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For more information, please contact Terry Thomas, Deputy Director-Washington County Community Corrections at or Pete Orput, Washington County Attorney at pete.orput@co.
Owner Terry Thomas said: "Because it is small, conversational magic is often made between the customers.
Owner Terry Thomas, who runs Whistlestop with his wife June, said the cafe's idyllic location and intimate setting is part of the draw for many of its guests.
As Terry Thomas would have said, "What an absolute shower".
Colleagues regarded Terry Thomas as the leading personal banker of his generation.
Basil's aristocratic voice was said to be modelled on comedy film actor Terry Thomas and the fox had a habit of laughing at his own jokes.
Think James Bond and Terry Thomas as well as the modern day bounder par excellence, James Hewitt, who famously seduced Princess Di.
TRIBUTES have been paid to Terry Thomas, one of the key movers and shakers of the Labour Party in Wales since the 1970s, who has died aged 78.
BORN ELVIS Presley, American pop icon, 1935, above DAVID Bowie, UK rock star, 1947 STEPHEN Hawking, UK physicist, 1942 DIED FRANCOIS Mitterrand, French president, 1996 TERRY Thomas, English comic actor, 1990, above MENACHIM Begin, Israeli Prime Minister, 1992
Gap-toothed British comedian Terry Thomas found himself having to deal with some of the wildcat girls from St Trinian's during filming in 1957 and deadpan comedian Les Dawson once declared: "My mother-in-law has come round to our house at Christmas seven years running.
6 MONTE CARLO OR BUST (1969) AN ALL-STAR cast in a race across Europe with Tony Curtis, Dudley Moore, Eric Sykes, Terry Thomas and Jack Hawkins were among those in the driving seat for the comedy romp.
Terry Thomas is in charge of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee.