Terri Schiavo

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A woman who suffered an anoxic insult in 1990, fell into a persistent vegetative state and was kept alive for the next 15 years while her husband fought to have her removed from life support and her parents fought to maintain it
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In 2005, as Florida grappled with the painful dispute over the life and death of Terry Schiavo, Norton helped found the Living Will Program of Jacksonville Legal Aid.
Fearing that any concession on facts or values would undermine their position, advocates on both sides overstated the reliability or inaccuracy of Terry Schiavo's diagnosis, the purity or malevolence of her parents and husband, and the clarity of her choices.
Specific topics include some problems regarding morality and the law, pharma buys a conscience, inducement in research, reviving a distinctive medical ethic, the case of Terry Schiavo, the exploitation argument against commercial surrogacy, virtue theory and abortion, and paternalism and partial autonomy.
Remember Terry Schiavo? Her euthanasia was of the cheapest form: she was simply "allowed" to die of thirst.
According to Danforth the Terry Schiavo case signaled "total victory" over traditional Republican values and was employed by the Republican Party and the Christian right as a nothing more than a cynical strategy.
I wonder how the Archbishop could justify such views to the parents of Daniel James or Terry Schiavo or Hannah Jones or Eluana Englaro.
Thus the neo-orthodox who are most apt to call their secular opponents nihilists are the ones who actually embrace a "culture of death," as we saw in the extenuation of the death of Terry Schiavo and, above all, in the looming planetary extinction of global warming.
One good example is his recounting of a bill defining brain death in the House Health and Mental Health Subcommittee while he was chair, 30 years before Terry Schiavo. McKnight recounts the whole process, including how he prayed, sought scholarly advice, and got some of the more philosophical variety from Senator Jack Gordon, who told him: "Senator, this is not for the faint of heart."
Does McCain want to answer questions about Terry Schiavo or extemporize on whether abortion doctors should receive the death penalty?
As we all learned from the Terry Schiavo situation, leaving decisions to others can be very complicated - and, indeed, cause pain and suffering for our loved ones who are trying to decide what you might have wanted.
In "The Pitiful State of Television News," he comments: "Sadly, America's news stations have given up hard news about distant lands for fluff that is hardly news...." He denounces "Republican bullying" in the Terry Schiavo case, which the likes of Tom "the Hammer" DeLay so shamelessly exploited to make political hay--and used as a diversion at a time when the Speaker himself was coming under increased scrutiny for corruption.
She also performed two monologues, The Dreams of Laura Bush and The Passion of Terry Schiavo. These may have disappointed an audience expecting variants on Finley's infamous chocolate-covered nude performances but they revealed a calmer, more globally conscious feminist practitioner, seeking here to address issues around sexuality and power by targeting the dysfunctional Bush family, Dubya's administration, and the war in Iraq.