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Theodore L., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1899-1946. See: Terry syndrome.
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Terry also argues that it was error for the postconviction court to deny his motion for a new trial without a hearing.
Less than a day later, Terry Smith died due to a cardiac arrest in hospital and his devastated family were left wondering what could have been done to avoid his senseless death.
Terry's wife, Carol who is the primary baker said: "We live in Woolton ourselves and it has a cool vibe with lots of other independents, though we are sad to leave our Picton Road location as we have gotten to know the local community."
But Paul Clement's suggestion that he will hold talks with Terry has put Swansea in the fray to sign the 36-year-old.
It was the fact that Terry was abroad skiing in the middle of the football season.
Terry Fox, arguably for some, is the most recognized name and greatest inspirational figure and hero to Canadians.
Terry was busy in Jasper, Minnesota, where he owned and operated a blacksmith shop.
The service, which was held on the 50th anniversary of his first BBC broadcast, reflected the warmth and laughter that characterised Sir Terry's career.
The unforgettable Irish brogue of the broadcaster - who died in January following a battle with cancer - could be heard at the service, which opened with recordings from Sir Terry's archive.
Singer Katie Melua performs during the Service of Thanksgiving for Sir Terry Wogan at Westminster Abbey in London
Export of terry towels from Pakistan increased from US$ 686.4 million in 2011-12 to US$ 797.1 million in 2014-15, thus showing an average increase of 4% per annum.