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As defined by the US FBI, 'the unlawful use of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof, in the furtherance of political or social objectives'
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The charge also accuses him of collecting money for terrorism and investing or managing money for terrorist acts.
Effective means of identifying and preventing terrorist acts before they occur, enhanced communication and liaison with various levels of law enforcement, close cooperation with agencies of the federal government, timely dissemination of threat information, and effective analysis of trends and developments have better prepared the law enforcement community in addressing terrorist threats.
The Foreign Ministry extended its sincere condolences and sympathy to the relatives and families of the martyr and wishes of speedy recovery to all the injured as a result of this cowardly terrorist act.
The NNA also said that Saqr, after reviewing the final report decided that the case can no longer be handled by the Military Tribunal since the incident was not a terrorist act.
While the local police department initially will treat many terrorist acts like large-scale criminal acts, important differences exist.
About the terrorist act, he said that the heinous act of killing innocent tourists could only be committed by trained terrorists as it required two days' journey to reach Nanga Parbat, adding that such terrorist acts are aimed at maligning Pakistan internationally.
To consider murdering Al Mabhouh anything other than a terrorist act is applying a different standard for an act that Israel is suspected to be behind.
NNA - Vice Head of the Islamic Shiite Supreme Council, Sheikh Abdel Amir Qabalan, on Tuesday denounced the horrible terrorist act that quivered Haret Hreik today, and urged the Lebanese people to be vigilant to face terrorist acts that are claiming the lives of innocent civilians.
It also accused them and others with them of intentionally setting fire on a vehicle endangering the lives and money of people aiming at implementing a terrorist act as well.
This terrorist act took place at Pat Feeder about 15 Km from Sui.
Special remission for 45 days granted to all other convicts except the condemned prisoners and also except those convicted of murder, espionage, subversion, anti-state activities, terrorist act, zina, kidnapping/abduction, robbery, dacoity and those undergoing sentences under the Foreigners Act 1946.