Territorial Marking

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The marking of a boundary with an odorous substance or pheromone secreted from a specialised, testosterone-responsive marking gland, typically near the chin or rump, or secreted in urine
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The desk became a territorial marker in my classroom--a space off-limits to students.
Does have no interest in scrapes, because scrapes are strictly a buck's territorial marker.
That tight five should give the home side a platform, while Bryan Redpath at scrum-half and Gordon Ross of Leeds, a revelation this season, at fly-half, Scotland can lay down a territorial marker.
When the rutting period arrives, a treestand near a mock scrape will produce shots at bucks checking this territorial marker for does in heat.
He added that windbreakers were part of the Welsh beach experience and also acted as a form of territorial marker - especially on the thronged beaches of yesteryear in the pre-package holiday era.
She discusses how there is a lack of division between private and public performances of undressing; narrative techniques used in burlesque and striptease; garments designed to gape and suggest the potential for undressing; streaking, mooning, and flashing performed as acts of deviance and disruption; undressing in times of conflict, as an act of resistance and remembrance, as with nude protests; and acts of undressing meant to send a message through the abandoned clothes once they have been removed, such as clothes left as territorial markers.
Suggestions range from the idea that they were maps or territorial markers to the notion that they were connected with shamanistic rituals, perhaps involving hallucinogenic drugs.
Volunteers had to be careful to note boundaries and territorial markers around Kosovo in ways that were sensitive to different political viewpoints, she says.
They are known from throughout the mountains, some close to existing or abandoned villages and some in other locations where they may have served as territorial markers.
Historians and archeologists argue that they could be everything from territorial markers to astronomical observatories to landing strips for aliens.
The Philippines and Vietnam have accused China of acts such as harassing oil exploration vessels, shooting or beating up their fisherman, and placing territorial markers on islets in the sea.
This phenomenon was reflected in the foundation of cemeteries, which are interpreted not only as ordinary funeral places but also as territorial markers and means for the expression of social power.

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