Territorial Imperative

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The drive in animals and man to take, hold, and defend a particular area, zone, or turf
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Now, however, all the political parties in the Dail, including Sinn Fein, are campaigning for the approval of a deal which will rewrite their aim of a united Ireland in terms of requiring the consent of the people of the island, rather than as a territorial imperative.
Moreover, even those parties who had been advocating a larger territorial imperative, Likud and the National Religious Party, completely avoided "Greater Israel" slogans in the campaign, censoring out their darling West Bank settlements and focusing on nothing but "peace with security.
These included Robert Ardrey's The Territorial Imperative (1966), Konrad Lorenz's On Aggression (1966), Desmond Morris' The Naked Ape (1967), and Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox's The Imperial Animal (1970).
That's about how Weddle sees Peckinpah's blind date with destiny--his territorial imperative writ in his own bodily fluids, his imprimatur left on cinema like some cosmic mark of Zorro.
However, this territorial imperative is an obstacle to the internationalization of securities markets, trade and industrialization of developing countries.
a) Categorical imperative o (b) Technological imperative o (c) Territorial imperative o
War, to summarize Robert Ardrey in his acclaimed work, The Territorial Imperative, is the most successful of all human cultural traditions because of its all-consuming satisfaction of the imperatives of identity, stimulation, and territory, evoked even more by the delusion of greater security.
Notwithstanding any territorial imperatives it is apparent that the Indian aim was to defeat the Pakistan Army in the field and according to one analysis by a distinguished academic their accounts concerning the advance in the Sialkot sector had 'a cluster of general objectives' aiming to:
While they adopted some of its ethnic and territorial imperatives, they also pushed the PCN to adopt their own gender and income generation concerns.
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