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Louis-Felix, gallbladder specialist, 1837-1908.
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Black Russian Terriers are bred to serve as not only pets, but for protection and security work as well.
Cancer occurred less frequently in small breeds, with the exception of the Boston Terrier and Cairn Terrier (30 and 32 percent respectively of deaths in those breeds were from cancer).
When most of the dust had cleared off, we saw that the terrier was safe: there was nothing to be seen of the rat." He paused and re-lit his pipe, and Uncle Tom puffed quietly, standing with one foot thrust out in front of the other, as though he was in deep thought..
BARK OBAMA With Malia, 10, at Chicago rally; PUPPY LOVE Hairless American terriers from left, Jet, Amber and Ruby
Staffordshire bull terriers are known to be highly intelligent and are good family pets, especially with children.
The Lakeland terrier is one of many terrier breeds which originated in the Lake District of England as a descendant of the old English black and tan and fell terriers.
Staffordshire Bull Terriers have become the top target for thieves who know they can make money selling them on.
Terriers are sturdy, smart and energetic, with a propensity to chase vermin.
But though Galt no longer exists, Menary has done a thorough job of evoking the town during one great summer, when its beloved Terriers battled the Branford Red Sox down to the wire in the ICL Championship Series.
It all began when Ginger's grandfather took them and his fox terrier, for a ride to the Browns, in his highly prized MG TF sports car from the 1930's.
The unprecedented legal move follows an incident in July when one of the Princess's terriers is alleged to have attacked an Asian couple.
American Airlines has reportedly banned over-aggressive dogs after a pit bull terrier grounded a Boeing 757 for nine days.