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Louis-Felix, gallbladder specialist, 1837-1908.
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After the Carbondale Terriers were blasted last November by metro power Cahokia in a second-round playoff game, one might have expected head coach Bryan Lee to have the demeanor of the Grinch at Christmas.
First, the Media Bureau set a petition to deny date of August 12 for Cox's applications that seek Commission consent of the proposed transfer of control of its 50 AM and FM radio stations to Terrier Media, which will keep the CMG name following the deal.
Terrier Zeke won the competition and received a gift pack of club merchandise - including a BTFC scarf to model - and will also feature in the club's matchday programmes, along with an advert for the club's new charity sponsor - Bedlington Terrier Rescue Foundation.
Terrier Members can pay online by logging in with your Terrier membership details, or call 01484 960 606.
This is one of Britain's oldest terrier breeds and also one of the rarest dogs in the world.
99 Bedlington terrier Once a vicious hunter of rats and rabbits.
At around 5.20pm a resident of the village reported to police that ten minutes earlier a large shepherd had escaped its enclosure at a neighbouring house and attacked his five-year-old female Yorkshire mini terrier.
Jack, a Yorkshire terrier who was 24, died after being savaged during a walk yesterday morning.
She, along with her mother, started Two Terriers, a Bellingham-based dog product company operating out of the Szifrom's home.
English springer spaniels were third on 5.8% while border terriers came fourth with 4.9% and Staffordshire bull terriers were the fifth most popular on 4.8%.