Felix, French ophthalmologist, 1872-1940. See: Terrien valve, Terrien marginal degeneration.
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Resident LeRoy Terrien said that while the restriction isn't particularly burdensome, the amount of water it will conserve "won't amount to anything.
Kelly Terrien, President and CEO of Summit Technical Solutions, LLC.
beaucoup plus grand que] Andy McKay (de l'universite de Sussex), specialiste du droit terrien des femmes agricoles reitere le constat: les femmes composent la majorite des ouvriers agricoles, bien qu'elles beneficient de moins d'avantages que les hommes.
Comme il est egalement strictement interdit aux citoyens de deambuler en ville en compagnie de chiens dangereux tels les Doberman, Rottweiler, Bull terrien et autres Pitbull.
Karting world champion David Terrien, SWS front-runner Rami Zaam and reigning Rotax DD2 champion Piers Pakenham-Walsh make up CG Racing Pro, while the second team consists of Oliver Saade, Salem Salem, Maged Traboulsi and Patrick Katrib.
Patrick Terrien, President & CEO of the Columbus Council on World Affairs stated, "CVG is one of our region's hidden gems - its global experience and reach are examples of how local companies can stay competitive by leveraging overseas markets.
David Terrien, managing partner of GGI Entertainment, said: "Driving activities are fast becoming very popular in the UAE.
II est alors possible pour les patriciens de jouer au grand proprietaire terrien en louant les droits de chasse et de peche sur d'immenses portions des terres publiques.
Jean-Charles Terrien, marketing manager of high performance imaging at e2v said: "We are very pleased to have continued our successful relationship with OIP and supplied high performance image sensors for the Proba-V mission.
Ayrault, a 62-year-old former German teacher, lawmaker and longtime Hollande ally, arrived with his wife Brigitte Terrien and said farewell to former president Nicolas Sarkozy's premier Francois Fillon before getting to work.
Robert Terrien with DAV Chapter 1 is one such example.
org, or contact Ann Terrien at 608-310-5000 or aterrien@iddba.