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terpenes (terˑ·pēnz),

n.pl a large-sized group of unsaturated hydrocarbons with the empirical formula (C5H8)n. A large number of compounds found in plants comprise this type of functional group or its derivatives.
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Seasoning, spicy and herbal odour and flavour as well as sour odour and flavour were positively correlated with the presence of terpenes, which originate from spices added in salting phase.
The launch of The Terpistry will further advance the exploration of terpenes, enabling us to unlock their true potential.
nl/en/press/worlds-most-spoken-language-isterpene) a statement : "Serratia, a soil bacterium, can 'smell' the fragrant terpenes produced by Fusarium, a plant pathogenic fungus.
The hexane basil extracts, contain flavonoids, terpenes, tannins, phenols and coumarines have been shown to possess maximum antibacterial properties.
Key words: pellets, VOC emissions, aldehydes, terpenes, blue stain fungi, Ceratocystis coerulescens, pine, spruce, pilot plant station
Terpenes contribute to the overall flavor profile of various cannabis strains and are suspected to enhance some of the medicinal benefits of cannabis.
The olfactometer bioassay with 3 commercial available volatile terpenes limonene a-pinene and AY-pinene against the adult psyllids showed that no significant chemotaxis effect was recorded when individual compounds or combination of (limonene + AY-pinene) were tested.
Most abundant terpenes were found to be argentatines, guayuline A and guayuline B: Mass % were 43, 31 and 19, respectively.
tritici adults in the treatment containing terpenes were significantly lower compared with the untreated control 2 and 6 days after application in pepper in 2008 and 2009 and 1 day after application in tomato in 2009.
Terpenes structures are consisting of isoprene units (C5), which may contain oxygen.