termination of pregnancy

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termination of pregnancy

Induced abortion. See Abortion.
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termination of pregnancy

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Q. What Are the Methods of Terminating a Pregnancy? What ways are there today to end an unwanted pregnancy?

A. "If you're not ready for it, don't have the economic ability to feed it or cant raise it in the conditions he deserve" then it would be even better to have the child and give it up for adoption. There are so many married couples who can't have a child any other way and really do want one to love and cherish.

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Patients coming for termination of pregnancy during mid-trimester with previous caesarean section pose a challenge for the obstetrical team11.
The MTP Act was enacted in 1971 and the medical science has developed significantly from 1971 to till date but the law on termination of pregnancy has not evolved in the same proportion during the said period, the petition further added.
(v) Where an otherwise legally competent child gives informed consent to surgical termination of pregnancy and a parent or guardian seeks to override it.
The ordinary dictionary meaning of 'termination' is to 'end' something, although the dictionary states that the secondary meaning of 'termination' in the context of 'termination of pregnancy' is 'an abortion'.
The combination of mifepristone and misoprostol has been found to be an effective method of termination of pregnancy in second trimester.
The cover is "The Committee is not of the opinion that termination of pregnancy after 12 weeks for socio-economic reasons should not be provided for." Possibly abortion on demand for "life and health" but not (past 12 weeks) for "socio-economic reasons."
Late termination of pregnancy: Law, policy and decision-making in four English fetal medicine units.
Section 3 (2) (b) of Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (MTPA), 1971, bars abortion after the 20th week.
SC relied on the report of the medical board which advised termination of pregnancy as a " special case" and has said that there was a threat of mental injury to the woman if the pregnancy was continued.
The total ban on the termination of pregnancy in force in El Salvador runs contrary to international human rights standards and violates the country's international obligations, the group says.
When no uterine contents showed on US, the ObGyn suspected an ectopic pregnancy and recommended termination of pregnancy. The woman requested another US; an appointment was scheduled for the next day.
The Termination of Pregnancy Bill was the result of a two-year review of the current law by the Special Law Commission, made up of representatives from the Ministry of Health, the judiciary, the law society as well as the Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church and the Muslim community.

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