terminal illness

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terminal illness

Etymology: L, terminalis + ON, illr, bad
an advanced stage of a disease with an unfavorable prognosis and no known cure.

terminal illness

A term defined in UK Social Security legislation as: “a progressive disease where death as a consequence of that disease can reasonably be expected within 6 months”. Patients who are suffering from a terminal illness can claim Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Attendance Allowance (AA) or Incapacity Benefit (IB) under the so-called “special rules”.

terminal illness

A final, fatal illness.

Patient care

The health care professional supports the patient and family by anticipating their loss and grief and helps the patient to deal with fear, pain and suffering, hopelessness, dependency, disability, loss of self-esteem, and loss of pleasure. Hospice care is provided if desired and available. The patient receives caring comfort and help in adjusting to decreased quality of life to ensure that death occurs with dignity.

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ter·mi·nal ill·ness

(tĕrmi-năl ilnĕs)
Advanced disease state from which there is no expectation of recovery.

Patient discussion about terminal illness

Q. I heard that HIV is no longer considered a terminal illness?!? I saw a T.V. program about it and they said it’s a “chronic disease”. What does that means?? Is it true?

A. It’s true, it’s no longer considered terminal, but believe me, don’t throw away your condoms…the medication prolongs life and give you a chance to live but they are expensive and have nasty side effects. Enough to make you consider stop using them, and then the HIV comes back like nothing happened. Protect your self. It’s MUCH cheaper and wiser..

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There's no question where the Epicureans stand with regards to the right to a good death in the case of terminal disease, or in the case of one who lies in agony in the battlefield waiting to die.
As with any terminal disease, Smith said, the care provider's goal--and the goal of the environment, as well--should be for each patient to experience "daily feelings of joy.
The stories ranged from a child trying to help feed children in Africa, to a young girl who had recently been diagnosed with a rare terminal disease, the only case of its kind in the state of New York, according to Leslie Zinck, Lovin' Cup's director of business development and marketing.
Though stricken with a terminal disease, suffering through many surgeries, weekly treatments, numerous needles and tests, she opted to do whatever she needed to do, as she always did, with a courageous attitude.
Neither a neurodevelopmental disorder nor an intellectual disability is a terminal disease, and individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities are not terminally ill.
As she struggles with the guilt concerning what she said about the wrestling coach, he dies of a terminal disease.
If not we could be left with a generation scratching their heads as to how they wound up with a terminal disease, because of peer pressure and the pursuit of an orange glow.
Not to worry: burnout is not a terminal disease, Bourg Carter argues, and women can recover from it if they will only take the appropriate steps.
Is it the single mom with a terminal disease who juggles two jobs to keep her kids clothed and fed?
New Delhi, April 28 -- A man convicted for rape was on Tuesday granted bail by the Delhi High Court after he was diagnosed as suffering from a terminal disease.
One of the challenges in the application of the Act was the fact that medical practitioners found it difficult to classify all inmates as 'being in the final phase of any terminal disease or condition'.
In her presence, Buddy is rejuvenated and regains his will to live, only to learn that his new love is in the final stages of a terminal disease.

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