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(tûr′mən), Lewis Madison 1877-1956.
American psychologist who developed the intelligence quotient (IQ) as a measure of intelligence and created an English version of the tests used in the Binet-Simon scale.
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Among the uses to which Terman put his test was gathering data to support his claim that most minorities were inferior.
This mythology existed long before the formal field of gifted education was established and provided a foundation for many of the first research studies undertaken by researchers such as Lewis Terman, Guy Whipple, and Leta Hollingworth.
Philip Terman, Book of the Unbroken Days, Mammoth Books
As early as 1930, Terman and his colleagues (Burks, Jensen, & Terman, 1930) in the first few years of his landmark longitudinal study of 1,528 intellectually gifted children, warned that exceptionally gifted (IQ = 160-179) and profoundly gifted (IQ = 180+) students are children at risk.
Fred Terman, head of countermeasures development at the Radio Research Laboratory (RRL) at Harvard, had been kept well informed of the British development work on Window.
In one of the new studies, a team led by psychologist Michael Terman of Columbia University recruited 124 volunteers, ages 18 to 65, who exhibited SAD.
They completed a 17-page questionnaire modeled on Terman's investigation of his "Termites"at midlife.
Philip Terman is author of the chapbook What Survives and, most
During my sophomore year, I won a prize in English and spent the money on Dr Fred Terman's well-known textbook Radio Engineering.
From such findings, Michael Terman of Columbia University and his colleagues published a hypothesis in 1991 arguing that the eye must possess its own clock, independent of the SCN.
The new contracts include projects to be completed for Oxnard School District, Enfield Police Department, Styrolution America, Enfield Emergency Medical Services, CT Transit, MONOC, Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department, Cranford Police Department, Siemens, Terman Middle School, University of California-Berkeley, NSTAR, Mount Wachusett Community College, New Brunswick Police Department, Manalapan Police Department, Ambulance Service of Manchester and Peoples Natural Gas and Duquesne Light.
gained eminence in adulthood (Terman & Oden, 1959), but "for