teratogenic effect

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ter·a·to·gen·ic ef·fect

(teră-tō-jenik e-fekt)
Appearance of anomalies and/or developmental defects due to exposure to a teratogenic agent during fetal development.
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Especially marked teratogenic effects on cardiovascular system alcohol has in the period of intensive formation of organs (critical period of development)--during the first 3 months of pregnancy (Tabolin et al.
The use of one single high dose of drug at specific time may have longer lasting teratogenic effect as compared to smaller doses given at short intervals, which might lead to repair of cellular damage and lesions.
Toxic and the teratogenic effects were examined using a stereoscopic microscope every 12 hours in 72 hours of treatment exposure.
According to Schardein (1993), "animal species successfully demonstrate the potential for teratogenic effect for all known human teratogens.
Nowadays there is increasing awareness regarding the hazards of alcohol drinking during pregnancy, but the teratogenic effects of ethanol vapour inhalation are still not well known.
The rationale of current study is to observe teratogenic effects of nicotine on developing thigh bone and protective role of green tea.
It reviewed 1,005 prospective pregnancy outcomes and was able to exclude a major teratogenic effect.
After reviewing 1005 prospective pregnancy outcomes, the registry was able to exclude a major teratogenic effect.
05% risk of Ebstein's anomaly, a modest teratogenic effect.