tensile stress

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ten·sile stress

a stress acting on a body per unit cross-sectional area so as to elongate the body.


imposition of load tending to stretch an object (object becomes longer and thinner along line of applied force)

ten·sile stress

(tensil stres)
Stress acting on a body per unit cross-sectional area so as to elongate the body.
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3 Table 3: Standard size for tensile and compressive test specimens Test Tensile test Fiber Orientation Width, mm Overall Thickness, mm Length, mm 0[degrees] unidirectional 15 250 4 90[degrees] unidirectional 25 175 4 balanced and symmetric 25 250 2.
An elevated temperature tensile test is carried out to assess the strength of material intended for high temperature applications.
Thus, it is established that a simple tensile test and tensile testing simulation with the micromechanical-based shear phenomenological fracture model can be used to predict the fracture load and other tensile and fracture behaviour/properties of cracked wires.
The crescent tear (ASTM D624 die C) and notched crescent tear (ASTM D624 die B) are close to a tensile test with a notch.
In contrast with usual tensile tests, strain [epsilon] is computed from elongations [DELTA]L measured after certain periods of time, which can be either 30 or 60 min [1] to [5].
The Gemco Tensile Test system can be used in sterile environments and weighs less than 13kg.
The wet tensile test examines green sand under elevated temperatures to replicate the moldmetal interface.
To realize the needed tensile test, a methodology of tensile testing for brittle ceramic foams was developed.
The samples have the specific shape and dimensions of tensile test composite materials reinforced with fibre, according to ASRO SR EN ISO 527 (Cerbu et al.
With a tensile test, it is important to provide the external force through the specimen axis to ensure that the material is in a tensile state; therefore, the specimen geometry must be in accordance with an aspect ratio of length with width greater than 5 or 10 preparation.