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A concept of muscular-skeletal relationships based on the work of architect Buckminster Fuller; refers to the forces of tension (provided by muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia) pulling on structure (bones and joints) that help keep the body both stable and efficient in mass and movement.
[tensile integrity]

tensegrity (ten·sāˑ·gri·tē),

n an architectural principle in which compression and tension are used to give a structure its form. Conceived by R. Buckminster Fuller, it is used to create such structures as geodesic domes and boat sails.
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The cell, held together by tensegrity.
tensegrity system,
n an interconnected network of structures which use tension and pressure in order to move or retain their shape.
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The Holistic Physical Therapy Clinic, specializing in the rehabilitation and treatment of chronic myofascial pain syndromes and musculoskeletal orthopedic and sports injuries, today announced its ability to integrate the methodologies of physical therapy, chiropractic care and myofascial tensegrity soft-tissue techniques into all aspects of patient diagnosis, treatment and care.
The Normandy Group's Tensegrity Net Methodology is a formal, structured framework for planning, designing, testing, and delivering secure and scalable business solutions for networked companies.
In their new agreement with ObjectShare they will provide support for ObjectShare's Tensegrity object database.
The scope of work is to develop manufacturing techniques for MGI's proprietary tensegrity structures.
As a result of the acquisition, ParcPlace will market Polymorphic's current product line, including the following products: -0- -- Tensegrity, the persistent object framework for single-
Tensegrity is a property of structures that employs continuous tension and discontinuous compression to produce exceptionally strong structures for their mass.
Funded research will investigate unique, disruptive or transformational space technologies in areas such as dynamic tensegrity technologies for space science and exploration, high-temperature solar cells, fundamental aerothermodynamic model development and synthetic biology technologies for space exploration.
It helps to maintain the tensegrity of the body - this term is borrowed from architecture, and helps to explain the tensional relationships in the body which keep our posture as it should be.
Based on Fuller who offers one of the first definitions, Tensegrity structure are the islands of pressure within a sea of tension.
The topics include modeling and simulating silicon nanowire-based biosensors, optimizing organic photovoltaic cells, developing a dynamics model for epidermal growth factor (EGF)-induced cellular signaling events, modeling and the experimental verification of cell tensegrity, modeling swimming micro/nano systems in low Reynolds number, and modeling and analyzing the cellular mechanics involved in the pathophysiology of disease and injury.
Also, Eugene's Deb Bauer of Tensegrity PT Cycling placed second in the masters women 35-plus B division.
Technically a tensegrity structure, the tube comprises a set of thin struts in compression, stabilised by steel cables under tension.