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Podiatry Noninflamed degeneration of the Achilles tendon, most commonly of the midthird of the tendon, a relatively avascular zone


A noninflammatory condition involving a previously injured tendon that heals with weak collagenous fibers, low weight-bearing resistance, and a high risk of future injury.
See also: tendinopathy


1. Degeneration of a tendon from repetitive microtrauma.
2. Collagen degeneration.

tendinosis (ten·d·nōˑ·sis),

n noninflammatory repetitive stress injury of tendon fibers. A common condition; often mislabeled as tendonitis. See also tendonitis.
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Forced eccentric loading to a contracting triceps has been shown to be the main mechanism of triceps tendonitis, tendonosis and avulsion.
This degeneration is similar to the chronic necrosis of tendonosis, which features loss of collagen continuity, increases in ground substance (matrix of connective tissue) and vascularity, and the presence of fibro-blasts rather than the inflammatory cells usually seen with the acute inflammation of tendonitis, (13)
When the inflammation goes away (as in chronic problems) but the tendon is still injured, then it is call tendonosis.
EPAT seems to work best for paratendonosis and for tendonosis without mucinous degeneration.
The differential diagnosis for antecubital region pain includes partial tear of the distal biceps tendon, cubital bursitis, bicipital tendonosis, entrapment of lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve, and posterior interosseous nerve syndrome.
The Clinic commentary on treatments for chronic Achilles tendonosis (Running & FitNews, Nov/Dec 2009) caught my attention since I see about 150 to 200 cases per year.
Wright T, Yoon C, Schmit BE Shoulder MRI refinements: differentiation of rotator cuff tear from artifacts and tendonosis, and reassessment of normal findings.
As pain increases from this process, so does weakness in the tendon and muscle, which then can lead to further development of calcified nodules, tendonosis changes, degenerative partial fiber tears, cyst formation, and central tendon necrosis.
The effects of oveeruse combined with intrinsec or extrinsec alterations in an animal model of rotator cuff tendonosis.
The company's proprietary technology utilizes a minimally invasive system to perform a percuatneous tenotomy or fasciotomy which addresses a global market of over 20 million patients each year suffering from chronic tendonosis.
Sean's long term lateral patellar tendonosis had never been addressed, so every time he returned to running and his knee blew up, he then had lateral patellar tendonitis ("osis" refers to the condition of a tendon problem, while "itis" refers more to an acute inflammation of the tendon).