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Moderate; restrained in the indulgence of any appetite or activity.
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(tĕm′pər-ĭt, tĕm′prĭt)
a. Of or occurring in the Temperate Zone: temperate regions; temperate species.
b. Characterized by moderate temperatures, weather, or climate; neither hot nor cold.
a. Moderate in degree or quality; restrained: temperate criticism.
b. Exercising moderation and self-restraint: learned to be temperate in eating and drinking.
3. Biology Of or relating to a virus that infects bacterial cells but rarely causes lysis: temperate bacteriophages.

tem′per·ate·ly adv.
tem′per·ate·ness n.
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Moderate; restrained in the indulgence of any appetite or activity.
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Moderate; restrained in the indulgence of any activity.
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Patient discussion about temperate

Q. What are the symptoms of Bipolar? and how does it effect one's health/temper?

A. here is a nice video i saw that describes bipolar symptoms:

and about how it affect your health- the affect is secondary. when you are in a depression episode you don't eat well, avoid showers and cleaning the house and it affects your health. and it leads to suicidle thoughts too- this has a tremendous afect on your health.

Q. what is the effect of hormones during pregnancy on a woman's temper?

A. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can indeedn cause mood changes, starting from anxiety or agitations to developing major clinical symptoms of depression. Pregnancy affects each woman differently.

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* With regard to power distance, temperate regions showed greater scores than colder-than-temperate and hotter-than-temperate regions.
Even in the most stable temperate regions there are occasional catastrophes that leave their mark on the forest landscape, such as insect plagues, diseases, or storms.
"Temperate regions are not at that optimal temperature [for the insects], so if the temperature increases there, populations will grow faster," Merrill added in the statement.
Because equatorial regions receive approximately two times more UVR than more temperate regions, darker pigmentation in people from these regions is thought to reduce skin damage and cancer.
As the days in the world's temperate regions grow shorter and cooler, the roots of deciduous ('leaf-losing') trees send less and less water and nutrients to the leaves, causing them to fall.
It is home to 15,000 trees from different temperate regions across the world - Chile, China, Japan, North America and other temperate climates.
The authors note that vertical transmission appears to provide a survival mechanism for the virus during adverse conditions: cold periods in temperate regions and hot dry seasons in tropical zones, or when many people become immune because of prior infection or vaccination.
Because sorghum originated in the Tropics, there are challenges to breeding new varieties for temperate regions. Many tropical sorghums flower when day lengths are short.
Farmers have to supplement much more fertilizer than in temperate regions and a very large amount of the cost to produce food is the cost of phosphate.
Although aflatoxins are mainly found in tropical and sub-tropical countries where climatic conditions are conducive to fungal growth, risk of contamination by these toxins may also be increasing in Europe and in other temperate regions as the result of climate change.
But now the crisis is beginning to exact an increasingly heavy toll on temperate regions too, such as Europe."