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(tĕm′ĭn), Howard Martin 1934-1994.
American oncologist. He shared a 1975 Nobel Prize for research on the interaction of tumor viruses and genetic material.
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Ayrintili olarak sorgulandiginda sokaktan temin ettigi "bonzai" isimli maddeyi kullandigi ogrenildi.
While IGAD has at times shown initiative, it has been lacking of late," said Temin.
O conjunto de autores que mais se dedicaram para reunir de forma concatenada as criticas a TOTC, David, Gutman, Sutch, Temin e Wright, tambem fizeram questao de agradecer coletivamente a F&E:
Peter Temin (1969) pulls data together to argue that most of the macroeconomic instability in the United States during this period was due to international events that triggered flows of specie into and out of the American economy.
Yunan savascisi vatandaslardan olusur, agir silahlidir ve bu silahlarini kendisi temin eder.
Mostly what organizations do in these kinds of moments is duck," said Davia Temin, a New York-based media specialist and crisis manager.
Following an introductory chapter by the editors, in the seven chapters that follow we have Perry Mehrling on Walter Bagehot, Robert Prasch on Thorstein Veblen, Bradley Bateman on John Maynard Keynes, Peter Temin on lessons from the Great Depression, Richard Fanglois on Joseph Schumpeter, Bruce Caldwell on Friedrich Hayek and Thomas Sargent on lessons from US monetary and fiscal history.
Tom Temin, morning News Anchor, Federal News Radio (1500 AM, Washington, DC) and former Senior Vice President, Editorial, Post Newsweek Tech Media, commented: “With this book, Howard Nevin shows his encyclopedic understanding of how the federal government, academia, technology and capital interact.
Representantes de diferentes disciplinas -antropologos, psicologos, sociologos, y tambien politologos- han contribuido a esta tercera ola de literatura sobre DDR (por ejemplo, Annan, Brier, y Aryemo 2009; Blattman 2009; Christensen y Utas 2008; Hill, Taylor y Temin 2008; Schafer 2007; Soderstrom 2011).
Pareceria que a hombres que temin que se dude de su hombria si toman Coca-Cola Light.
Katilimcilarin %51'i kontakt lensi doktor recetesiyle almakta iken geri kalan kisim kontakt lensi recetesiz olarak temin etmekteydi.
Combinando varias instituciones economicas romanas, con el modelo de Temin como referencia, el autor afirma que la economia romana poseia un grado de desarrollo que considera entre intermedio y avanzado, segun el periodo historico considerado.