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 (T) [tes´lah]
the SI unit of magnetic flux density, a vector quantity that measures the magnitude of a magnetic field. It is equal to 1 weber per square meter.


Nikola, Serbian-American electrical engineer, 1856-1943. See: tesla, Tesla current.

tes·la (T),

In the SI, the unit of magnetic flux density expressed as kg s-2 A-1; equal to 1 Wb/m2.
[N. Tesla]


An MRI term for the preferred unit of magnetic flux density, which corresponds to a field strength of 1 Weber/m2, where 1 Weber represents 1 x 108 (100,000,000) flux lines. 1.0 T = 104 gauss (G).


(T) (tes'lă)
SI unit of magnetic flux density expressed as kg sec-2 A-1; equal to one weber per square meter.
[N. Tesla]


Nikola, Serbian-U.S. electrical engineer, 1856-1943.
tesla - in the SI system, the unit of magnetic flux density.
Tesla current - Synonym(s): high-frequency current
Tesla magnet
Tesla measurement
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