Phone Neck

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Neck pain caused by holding a telephone between one's shoulder and ear for extended periods
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telephone and mass merchandise, (114) as used in telephonitis and massmerchanditis Seen from the perspective of the Stage Model as well as MAH, the derivative encoding an AGENT in its base, e.g.
Two other coinages, massmerchanditis and telephonitis, display the same kind of metonymic extension of the suffix -itis that occurs in fiscalitis, senioritis and electionitis, which is WHOLE for PART metonymy.
(38) Present-day cyber-enabled commanders would do well to emulate Helmuth von Moltke and his judicious use of the telegraph during the late nineteenth century rather than Field Marshal Haig's "telephonitis" during the catastrophic Battle of the Somme in the First World War.
There is still much detail about Jewish culture, but also tales of new computer technology, sending children off to school, redecorating, cooking, bedtime for reluctant youngsters, Canadian winters, the perfect alarm clock, hand-me-down clothes, pet fish and telephonitis. Serious subjects such as the Holocaust, pogroms, and politics are also included.
Schweickard 1993), however, the suffix is beginning to be attached, with a clearly ludic intention, to words other than parts of the body in order to refer to some metaphorical "disease": fiscalitis (1903), telephonitis (1935), electionitis (1945), etc.
This is how far I got Friday morning, then a sudden outburst of telephonitis and off I went to Bard.