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A central nervous system stimulant and potent monoamine oxidase inhibitor obtained from Peganum harmala (family Zygophyllaceae) and Banisteria caapi (family Malpighaceae); psychic effects resemble those of LSD, but sedative and depressive qualities may predominate over hallucinatory manifestations.
[G. harmala, harmal, fr. Ar. harmalah, + -ine]
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About a hundred years ago, early researchers investigating the alkaloids contained within the brew even named one of them "telepathine" (harmine) because of the apparently psychic experiences people typically had when taking it (Beyer, 2009).
Since the beginning of the 20th century, when Zerda Bayon (1912) isolated harmaline from the South American jungle decoction ayahuasca and named it "telepathine," anthropologists, ethnobotanists, mycologists and other field researchers have continued to report psychedelic-induced paranormal activities among ritual users of these substances (e.g., Andritzky, 1989; Shannon, 2002; Slotkin, 1956; Wasson, 1979; Winkelman, 1989).
Furthermore, Roney-Dougal (1991, 2001) has proposed that the psychoactive harmala alkaloids also found in ayahuasca, such as harmaline (once called telepathine), are responsible for producing ESP-like experiences.