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The beat or timing of a particular rhythmic activity—e.g., the rhythm of pedalling in cycling
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And basically in the telecine bay, it's not film anymore.
Ocean is a turnkey solution that can take full control of telecine features, and also apply dynamic colour corrections in real time on the signal received: digital pan and scan, primary grading and optional secondary grading, all "animatable".
In buying a new state-of-the-art telecine it successfully managed to tap into a small slice of the off-shore production that was attracted to the Gold Coast, through catering to the change-over in post-production from celluloid to digital technology.
Modern VideoFilm offers television and feature film post-production services (editorial, telecine, digital intermediate, digital dailies and visual effects), digital content services (encoding, transcoding, QC and content delivery), tape duplication services, and vault security services.
A 3,800-square-foot soundstage is planned and audio/video post facilities, including HD editing suites, color grading, Telecine and satellite uplink for daily rushes, are online.
Time-saving pre-processing features provided standard with the Niagara 4100 include scaling, cropping, deinterlacing, inverse telecine and closed-caption extraction and rendering capabilities.
Key filters include adaptive deinterlacing, color correction (brightness/contrast/saturation/hue), gamma correction, fade in/out, cropping, temporal noise reduction, and an inverse telecine filter that I did not test.
Almost all editing now is digital, and the exposed footage will be transferred in telecine to videotape for digitizing, with an appropriate daily allowance in the budget, again based on suppliers' quotes.
G.K.: I would splice the commercials into the actual films -- there were no computers in those days -- and make sure the programming was technically ready to be shown out of the telecine room.
That the end of film processing and printing, which at its peak employed 200 people dedicated to lab and telecine operations, "refocused us on what we have to do to survive," Monge says.
The studio has on site grip and lighting; telecine, digital mixing; 35MM and digital projection; and scene docks.