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Q. what are anxiety symptoms for a teen? before i get to school my heart beats really fast when i talk to someone i somtimes get hot or start to sweat. i dont feel like myself i also don't talk to some people anymore because i'm scared its going to be akward..

A. Sounds like social anxiety.The butterflies people get when getting ready to speak in front of a group, for example. Start off by talking to one person at a time. and build up from there.

Q. Are there any forums for teenagers who suffer from arthritis? I think it's really important- they don't know how to handle such a thing in such a young age...suddenly not being able to do what you could before and was a great part of your life- sports for example...

A. great! thanks justin...

Q. can a teenager be bipolar? My son is 13 and has a drinking problem. I just thought after reading some posts of this community, that his drinking might be a result of some kind of depression he is having. what do you guys think?

A. Thanks brandon, unfortunately, I guess you were right. Finally, he let me take him to therapy, where they found out he does have depression. this is so sad for me, I feel I have failed as a father.

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Bullying : Teenagers are 68% less likely to be teased by other young people when wearing Invisalign.
30 per cent of UK teenagers check to see if anyone has commented, favourited or liked their post within a few minutes of posting it;
The use of colour is also helpful, she says, and teenagers should have good resources such as coloured pens and cards, as well as dictionaries, and a quiet place to work.
Black Parents In Charge was created to serve the needs of decent, hard-working African-American parents who want to help their teenagers turn their lives around.
Some teenagers will still find jobs, and many others will find meaningful ways to work on something other than their tans during the summer.
The man and the teenagers have been released on bail until their cases go to court.
Spungin's book follows a similar format to other Haynes manuals on subjects like cars, in that it gives step-by-step instructions on how to deal with teenagers.
Parsons warns parents that the time to lay the foundations for dealing with teenagers is years before they reach puberty, advising: "Read a book on teenagers when your kids are very young, because when they're 15, the greatest chance of getting them to do something is when ultimately they respect you.
Yes, some of the groups of teenagers who congregate in town centres every evening - usually for want of anywhere else to meet their friends - will be up to no good, in the same way that not every adult is trustworthy.
Neither teenagers nor cats turn their heads when you call them by name.
Specifically, teenagers would become more promiscuous and would be less likely to use protection, resulting in an increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.