Ted Bundy

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A notorious serial killer (1946-1989) active between 1973 and 1978, who killed at least 30 people—typical victim, white female age 15–25—and possibly many more.
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BIOPIC about a convicted serial killer, which draws inspiration from Elizabeth Kloepfer's memoir The Phantom Prince: My Life With Ted Bundy. Single mother Liz Kendall (Lily Collins) is surprised when handsome beau Ted Bundy (Zac Efron) chooses to woo her.
TED Bundy's twisted mind is revealed in his own frank and often disturbing utterances.
There will likely be people coming in to watch this film who have no idea who Ted Bundy is or what he's done, who may have just seen the cast and thought 'Oh, Zac Efron and Lily Collins, they're both attractive!
The talk, by forensic psychologist Jennifer Rees, will discuss some of the most notorious criminals of the last 100 years including the Moors Murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer, American serial killer and necrophile Ted Bundy and Fred and Rose West.
"We won't do cases where we don't have anything to add to the conversation, like doing Jack the Ripper, or doing Ted Bundy - what do we have to add to that?" Gangster Capitalism (Apple Podcasts) A deep dive into a case fresh from the headlines.
This is infamous US serial killer Ted Bundy, keen to tell the listener that, despite raping and bludgeoning 30 young women to death, he's actually a sane, regular average Joe.
A Jeffrey Dahmer B Harold Shipman C John Wayne Gacy D Ted Bundy 7.
DEBBIE Harry was once lured into a car by serial killer Ted Bundy, only to mount a daring escape.
DEBBIE Harry was once lured into a car by serial killer Ted Bundy - only to mount a daring escape.
We first meet Ted Bundy in prison, waiting to be executed.