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A noun and adjective referring to a person with a strong aesthetic sense and love of technology
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The unusual couple also sports matching wedding bands that say "Synthetik love lasts forever", and the 40-year old 'technosexual' is planning a ceremony for their 15th anniversary.
A technosexual is someone whose most significant loving relationship is with a piece of technology.
Not every technosexual chooses a computer for a mate.
SpongeBob's creators push their diabolical "technosexual agenda" not with trumpets but with a low-key soft sell, portraying Plankton and Karen's relationship as normal as can be and as comfy as an old shoe.
The SpongeBob braintrust provides additional aid and comfort to the technosexual cause by painting in depressing hues the lives of the show's only two regular characters who are heterosexual adults.
Janet Lungstrum (1997)in 'Metropolis' and the Technosexual Woman of German Modernity, discusses the relationship between female identity and technology, asserting that 'the effect of technology has been to cast woman in a provocative pose, a position not unlike that of woman in the male imagination: she is the sex-machine locus of her creators' fear and fascination' (p.128).
Elliott 'simultaneously inhabits the excess of file female and the power of technology, becoming a self-constructed technosexual woman, refusing to be defined through a relation to either masculine fears or pleasures.
Lungstrum, having located the technosexual woman in Metropolis as powerful yet bound up with masculine fears and fantasies, refuses to dismiss her as a category, claiming that it remains a valid form for women through, 'the reappropriation, or recreation, by woman of her technosexuality ...
(1997) 'Metropolis and the technosexual woman of German modernity' in K.