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An instrument capable of conducting analyses automatically; commonly used in chemical analyses.
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The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) (52) has a number of clinical chemistry analyzers on display, such as a Technicon AutoAnalyzer Sampler Unit, in their permanent exhibition in Philadelphia, "Making Modernity.
2]-N) concentrations using a Technicon Autoanalyzer IIC (Technicon Instruments Corp.
It required some skill to change the dialysis membrane on the Technicon Autoanalyzer.
Results were compared with those obtained with the Technicon AutoAnalyzer II (Bayer/Technicon Instruments) (11) in use in our Brussels laboratory for more than 20 years and periodically subjected to routine external quality control.
In addition, the method was compared with the classical Technicon AutoAnalyzer method (35), which had been used for decades in our institute (23, 24, 36, 37).