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a maneuver, method, or procedure. For names of specific techniques, see under the name.
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The manner of performance or the details of any surgical operation, experiment, or mechanical act.
See also: method, operation, procedure.
Synonym(s): technic
[Fr., fr. G. technikos, relating to technē, art, skill]
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The manner of performance, or the details, of any surgical operation, experiment, or mechanical act.
See also: method, operation, modality, procedure
Synonym(s): technic.
[Fr., fr. G. technikos, relating to technē, art, skill]
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Q. Any other methods of pain relief besides the medication I am taking? I need help ……I've Fibromyalgia for 15 years, it’s been a very long journey and it makes me feel helpless. I stop taking on medicines many times and once the pain increases I again take them. I know my life is only with medicine and I have to live this way for my children. How it will be if I start taking on, any other methods of pain relief besides the medication I am taking…please tell me.

A. Try yoga, hot/warm baths, resting when needed, exercise as you can tolerate without making pain worse, meditation,walking a little everyday, having a positive attitude and reaching out for support, talking and realizing you are not alone can help a great deal. I had to accept I could not make it through my day without medication! When you go off and on meds, this can sometime result in having to start all over again to reach "theraputic" levels. You are not a druggie...staying on your meds enables you to be as productive as possible in your life and with your family.Good Luck and God Bless!

Q. what is the relation between breast Cancer to other kinds of cancers? what are the treatment methods?

A. Breast cancer, as other cancers all have many causes, from genetic predisposition to environmental factors such as bad nutrition and obesity. Some cancers are known to be caused by smoking, whereas others don't have a direct connection. Breast cancer diagnosed early can be treated with surgery (removal of the lump) and radiation treatment, with or without chemotherapy or hormonal treatment. It varies with different clinical stages.

Q. what is the relation between breast Cancer to other kinds of cancers? what are the treatment methods?

A. Breast cancer is estrogen-dependent, i.e. increased exposure to un-opposed estrogen increase it's risk, so it's also related, at least epidemiologically to ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. Mutations that increase breast cancer's risk, such as BRCA2 also increase the risk of other cancers such as pancreas cancer, skin cancer etc.

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According with the author, to overcome a technicist perspective in the evaluation of competences, in addition to the required conceptual broadening, we should prioritize the concepts of the subjects in question, and the indicators of the context wherein these subjects are inserted.
Director Hu captures A-pu's image at this poignant juncture shortly after the Lisu leader has been "enlightened" by a technicist vision of livelihood based largely on a crude form of Western instrumental reason.
There are several theories on creativity [Batlan, (1993)], some in relation to technical developments (technical design, sociological theory, technicist theory, structuralism theory), and others in relation to the influence of psychological factors (associative theory, configuration theory, behavioral theory, theory and policy features, psychoanalytic theory).
The differences are between technicist and institution-based as opposed to people-centred approaches; and between quantitative and qualitative methodologies.
Those advancing a more technicist view refer to initial teacher training rather than education and have conceptualized learning to teach as a matter of simply acquiring competence "on the job" (Furlong & Smith, 1996).
Sub-areas such as conflict resolution, with its focus on conflict management and problem-solving, quickly became technicist and rather conservative fields of study which took little notice of issues of power and justice (with a few exceptions such as Lederach's work (1996) on conflict transformation).
While I would not presume to generalize my findings, as each educational context will necessarily have some idiosyncratic dynamically interacting characteristics and thus context-specific 'change frames' (2); what I can now confidently confirm is that my findings seem to point to the need for change-oriented policymakers, managers and leaders to thoroughly review their current practices in order to look at the nature of change, as well as teachers' practices in a less technicist (Schon, 1983, 1987; Kemmis, n.d.) and managerially oriented way.
Schaeffer, which has proved long-lived, but also of the technicist line, which initially inspired K.