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"The Cotopaxi trek is an extra challenge, it is a much more technical climb and I am really pushing myself physically and psychologically."
A final lap charge saw Dylan catch Billy Harding (Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic) about 1km before the finish after a Harding error on a technical climb. At the finish line they both had nothing left to give, with Robson losing the duel by just a bike length, finishing 50 seconds up on the next U15 rider, Jack Ravenscroft, last years BMBS winner, and another minute ahead of Will Cheaney, last years National Champion.
Although it's not a technical climb involving ropes and pitons, it does require strength, endurance, and the occasional scramble up rough volcanic terrain.
About Kilimanjaro and their ascent, Catherine said, AoOurs is not a technical climb that makes use of ropes and other mountain gear, as after every 1,000m the terrain of the mountain changes.
"It's not difficult like Everest, which is a technical climb. But it was harder than we thought."
Though not a technical climb, the hike to the summit is long (10 to 12 hours round trip) and demanding (about a 5,000-foot elevation gain), and requires good hiking boots for walking over rocky terrain.
The mountain is a cone of ice and limestone with slopes of 45 degree angles or more, sometimes near vertical, making it a very technical climb throughout.

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