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the keeping of a clinical record of the important facts about a patient and the progress of his or her illness. The patient's chart most often contains the history; laboratory reports; list of medications; results of physical examinations, consultations, and special diagnostic tests; treatments of the health care team; any problems; and the patient's response to interventions and treatment. See also problem-oriented record.
charting by exception a method of charting designed to minimize clerical activities; a notation is made only when there is a deviation from the baseline or expected outcome, or when a procedure or expected activity is to be omitted.
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Making a record in tabular or graph form of the progress of a patient's condition.
Synonym(s): clinical recording
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Making a record in tabular or graph form of the progress of a patient's condition. Also called clinical recording.
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Making a written record of the progress of a patient's condition.
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Patient discussion about charting

Q. I’ve been planning to start a fitness regime center for some time now. What’s the best way to chart it out? I am the breadwinner in my family. I did a business that was earning me substantially well. It was a fitness equipment selling business. My business met with a loss last year and now I’ve been planning to start a fitness regime center for some time now. What’s the best way to chart it out and keep track of what I’ve done? I should not meet with the same loss again. Already my family is upset with me. So please help!

A. daronstorm, i'm not sure your question is medical..if i understand correctly- you are trying to open up a business and wish it to go well. in that type of business the hard thing is to get clients and to keep them. getting them is a matter of publicity, location,prices etc. keeping them- i suggest giving a whole treatment. that means not just a gym, hire a nutritionist ,trainers, and maybe think about putting a sauna and a jacuzzi too. the nutritionist and the trainers will build a workout plan together for the clients and you'll need some managers to do a follow up on the clients. did they met their goals? if not- what is missing?

i hope it helped....

Q. I would like to compare old blood sugar and today´s blood sugar values or level. what is the difference?

A. i'm not sure understand the ask how to do so? what does a difference mean? to compare with your old blood sugar test? others?
i would like to help but i think i'll need a bit more information...

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