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1. A drop of fluid secreted by the lacrimal glands.
2. A red blood cell with a pear shape, in which the constricted end narrows to a point.
[A.S. tear, teahor, taeher, Old Norse tar]
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TEARDROP: Mistletoe teardrop, B&www.diy.com, PS16
"I'm so, so happy I listened to country radio for one week of my life to impress my high school boyfriend because I accidentally heard Teardrops and the rest, as they say, is history #12YearsOfTaylorSwift," she tweeted.
came to mind with the teardrop course reversal on the ILS or LOC Rwy 18 into the same Lincoln, NE.
You can order 33 Viola Teardrops Mixed for PS11.99, or buy 66 for PS15.98 and save PS8.
This week's best-selling offer is for the new Viola Teardrops Mixed, a vibrant mixture of trailing basket plants that will add a touch of vibrant colour and character from January.
With its sleek design and birch interior paired with a heavy-duty axle and off-road tires, the Canyonland Teardrop by Boulder-based Colorado Teardrops offers cozy shelter for the rugged outdoors.
5 Assorted Medium and Dark Blue Solids 5/8 yard each for patches Navy Blue Solid 1 1/4 yards for sashes and binding Backing 3 5/8 yards Batting 60" x 64" Freezer paper Fabric marking pencil Teardrop stencil (optional)
A PATH IN ALLERTON We took a walk on Saturday My little dog and me On a pathway thickly carpeted With golden autumn leaves The day itself was autumn crisp With the sun bright in the sky When up ahead a glittering Of colour caught my eye I saw as I got closer Gold and red and blue Balloons saying 'happy birthday' Some with the number two We were close by the cemetery So teardrops filed my eyes As I whispered 'Happy Birthday' Up to the clear blue sky I hope that choirs of angels sang The day that you were two A birthday song for you As I'm sure your dad and mummy did The day that you were two Then, one day, many years from now When they are called by God Wait for them by Heaven's gate And greet them with a hug by A Tobin, Woolton
Take our million teardrops, Wrap them up in love, Then ask the wind to carry them, To you in heaven above.
The Toma Fund are rolling out the red carpet and inviting guests to take on Hollywood glamour for the Tiaras, Tuxedos and Teardrops ball.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A disease-fighting protein in our teardrops has been tethered to a tiny transistor, enabling UC Irvine scientists to discover exactly how it destroys dangerous bacteria.