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Histology noun A small bag originally produced from a porous paper—currently from a plastic mesh similar to that used for tea—used to contain fragments of tissue—e.g., products of conception, which are notoriously prone to floating into other tissues during the processing of specimens for histologic examination
Vox populi noun A colloquial, deprecating regionalism for a little old lady
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Teabags are considered dangerous because they could have come into contact with contaminated milk.
JR Crompton is Europe's largest producer of paper for teabags.
Who would of thought that a record-breaking 40 million teabags could now be compared to 260 million which are produced every week.
Patti Gaal-Holme, 44, stores the teabags in suitcases after she has added a date and written a brief note about who she drank the tea with.
The latter also sold Droopys Teabag to Vincent and Mike McKenna.
Householders in Cardiff have been told that, under EU rules designed to combat a future foot-and-mouth outbreak, products such as vegetables, coffee filters and teabags cannot be collected for composting.
I had this really detailed dream about how Vanessa and I had invented a teabag bin
Pat Feerick's 8-1 chance Blazeaway Honcho led all the way when beating Schofield Annie and Droopys Teabag by two lengths in 28.
He then realised there was a market for such a product and began manufacturing gauze teabags in the US several years before the Titanic's tragic maiden voyage in 1912.
IPS also had the task of integrating the existing teabag manufacturing machine into the line.
A worker was crushed to death in a teabag machine at a Midland mill.