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Histology noun A small bag originally produced from a porous paper—currently from a plastic mesh similar to that used for tea—used to contain fragments of tissue—e.g., products of conception, which are notoriously prone to floating into other tissues during the processing of specimens for histologic examination
Vox populi noun A colloquial, deprecating regionalism for a little old lady
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She adds: "If you prefer teabags, use two or three per pot depending on how strong you like it.
The unique shape would provide the "highest standard of teabags ever made", said CEO Hans Verhoosel, a claim reflected in the [pounds sterling] 7.
It was the exact opposite I dropped the teabag fully into my cup in a reflex action.
PG Tips told the magazine: "Like most of the teabags in the UK, our teabags are made with about 80% paper fibre, which is fully compostable, along with the tea leaves contained in the bag.
But during a post-mortem examination, a pathologist found several pyramid-shaped teabags in his stomach - which matched the teabags used at Cherry Orchard.
Hanging teabag holders can be purchased at the Tealock webstore at http://www.
t ur ins ene, l for nt of us to i Yorkshire Tea said: "Our teabag material contains around 25% polypropylene, which we believe is typical the market.
Roberto said he blunder Teabag called police because he was not given a reason for being kicked out.
Some other variables to experiment with include: sugar, type of milk, teabag or loose leaves.
The teabag was invented by tea merchant Thomas Sullivan in New York City in June 1908.
Though many teabag producers have historically favored branding on the tag rather than paper, filter paper branding is gaining momentum among tea brand owners.
They put a teabag in a cup of lukewarm water and they say, 'get on with it"' - Actor Simon Jones on the Americans' inability to make a good cup of tea.