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Robert W., U.S. dermatologist, 1842-1908. See: Taylor disease.


Charles F., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1827-1899. See: Taylor back brace, Taylor apparatus, Taylor splint.

Taylor, Effie J.

Etymology: 1874-1970
a Canadian-born American nurse who was graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. After graduation she continued at Johns Hopkins at the Phipps Psychiatric Institute, served as a nurse in World War I, and went to Yale University School of Nursing in 1923, succeeding Annie Goodrich as dean in 1934. She served as president of the International Council of Nurses during World War II.
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Chris Mitchell, director at Taylors, said: "The value of loans being made on commercial properties increased by over PS15bn last year, the highest level of new lending since 2008.
Mars Drinks and Taylors of Harrogate are both family-owned businesses committed to quality.
David Robinson, left, chief executive officer at PD Ports, and Andy Brown, managing director at Taylors of Harrogate
Taylors Sky, who enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top to a set a new track record in the 2011 Derby final at Plough Lane on only his eighth track appearance in this country, subsequently landed the PS10,000 Ladbrokes Gold Cup (480m, Monmore) and PS15,000 Primus Telecom Derby (460m, Henlow) in his first season.
Working with the Taylors as part of the 2012 Shell Smarter Driving Challenge gives us the opportunity to show the positive impact of combining Shell's latest fuels and lubricants technology with Smarter Driving behaviors," Gunsel said.
The Taylors actively engaged with Sydney's social scene and were keen travellers.
He is survived by one son, Paul Poulin of Taylors, SC; three daughters, Cherie Poulin of Powdersville, SC, Rhonda Vayens of Columbus, GA, and Gena Bassette of Leesburg, FL; two brothers, Bob Poulin of Oceanside, CA, and Ronald Poulin of Charlton, MA; and six grandchildren.
Taylors of Harrogate has been using Linx laser coders for 10 years to code onto the cardboard packaging used for Yorkshire Tea and today has eight machines on-site.
According to Shell, while initial estimates had the Taylors setting the Guinness World Record in 50 fill-ups or less, the estimate was lowered several times along the journey as the couple's fuel economy improved.
The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $250,000 from the Taylors.
Taylors of Harrogate has compared the deal to "sending coals to Newcastle" after sending its first pounds 30,000 shipment to Shanghai.
Taylors on Ten, a wholesale accessories showroom based in the Dallas Market Center, has added three new lamp lines and an important resource for throws.