Taylor, Charles Fayette

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Charles Fayette, U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1827-1899.
Taylor apparatus - Synonym(s): Taylor back brace
Taylor back brace - a steel spinal support. Synonym(s): Taylor apparatus; Taylor splint
Taylor clavicle support
Taylor procedure
Taylor retractor
Taylor spinal frame
Taylor spine brace
Taylor splint - Synonym(s): Taylor back brace
Taylor technique
Taylor thoracolumbosacral orthosis
Taylor-Knight brace
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Butler professor and former PTDC dancer Susan McGuire gave McGinley her initial taste of Taylor technique. But after graduation, McGinley aimed to earn a slot in the Martha Graham Dance Company.
Guglietti will teach many of CPAC classes, another Guidance dancer Amanda Page, will also be teaching a Taylor technique class, a hip-hop class and a core strengthening class.
"I believe in Darwin," he told The New York Times in March, just before his two-week season at City Center, "and the natural world." And so the tracks and grooves of Taylor technique grow out of the grounded muscularity, the insular physics, of the animal kingdom: the racehorse's heavy tilt into the turn, the big cat's jazzy, deep-shouldered directional shifts within the chase, the concentrated stillnesses of both prey and predator, the easy elegant grazing on grasses.
Lisa Viola, a Taylor alum who directed the program from 2006 to 2010, notes that the program is useful for anyone who wants to explore the Taylor technique, especially those hoping to audition for the company.
There is also, perhaps as significantly, a way of dancing-not a Taylor technique but surely a Taylor idiom.