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trademark for a preparation of paclitaxel, an antineoplastic agent.
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A trademark for the drug paclitaxel.
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Paclitaxel Oncology A chemotherapeutic used to manage Pts with ovarian, breast CAs, non-small cell lung CA, melanoma, KS who are not candidates for potentially curative surgery and/or RT Mechanism Taxol blocks mitosis by stabilizing microtubules and promoting tubulin polymerization, resulting in non-functional microtubules. See Ovarian cancer.
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A brand name for PACLITAXEL.
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Patient discussion about Taxol

Q. How you guys have coped with the side effect of taxol. I was given Taxol after a long and heavy round of chemotherapy and was told that it will be an easy and safe drug when compared to the drugs that I have taken before …but I had severe allergic reactions for some months I think it may be a year with one being very serious that required antihistamines, with having oxygen and caused such pain in my back that I understood the highest level of discomfort. I don’t know how you guys have coped with the side effect of taxol ….I have experienced the worst possible pain in my life which cannot even come with the surgery…..but one thing I found that I was cured at least for god`s sake..

A. chemotherapy sux...i myself didn't have to go through that, but had to see someone very dear to me go through that. she went through very difficult time but survived and thank god it has been at least 2 years since and she is fine. it was frustrating to sit there not being able to do anything about it. but you should know-
it's temporary, and god's will - you'll come out of it triumphant!

Q. After Taxol/Carbo, then Alimta, treatments stopped because tumors no longer shrinking. Anything else to try? I was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer about 6 months ago. Because of the weakness of my lungs due to advanced COPD, the Oncologist ruled out surgery & radiation so Chemo was the only alternative. I am now under Hospice care.

A. this is a question that the oncologist should answer...there are a lot of chemo treatments out there- but not always firring to the type of lung caner. but i'm sure he would suggest them...
look- there's some treatments in clinical trials. check them out maybe there'll be something for you. look under the topic "research":

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Taxol's development into a drug was slowed by the labor- and
"Thus we developed a taxol that is a targeted anti-cancer chemotherapy using nanotechnology."
The intermediate domain has strands S7-S10 with three helices H8-H10 which accommodates taxol. The C-terminal is made up of two antiparallel helices H11-H12 which interacts with Microtubule Associated Protein (MAP) (11).
La tecnica del cultivo de tejidos vegetales in vitro es una herramienta exitosa para la generacion de cultivos de callos y celulas que produzcan metabolitos secundarios de gran importancia farmaceutica tales como el taxol y taxoides relacionados, sin que se destruyan los arboles de Taxus spp.
According to the TLR ligands chosen for the subsequent functional analyses, TLR3 (Poly I:C), TLR4 (LPS, Taxol), TLR7, and TlR8 (both R848) were examined (Table 1).
Approval was based on the previous approval of Taxol injection for the same indication, plus a randomized open-label, multinational study.
Through stabilizing key structural components within the cell called microtubules, Taxol interferes with the division of cancer cells and, hence, slows tumor growth.
Taxol, the first microtubule stabilizer derived from the Yew family, has been an effective chemotherapy drug, but patients eventually develop problems with resistance over time and toxicity at higher doses.
An interim report of the study from August 2011 showed that Paclical is not inferior to Taxol, while the infusion time for Taxol is three hours, and for Paclical -- one hour, Oasmia said.
Wani -- a native of Nandurbar in Maharashtra -- co- discovered blockbuster anticancer drug Taxol, another Indian, Dr Parayil Kumaran Ajikumar, has discovered a new technique to make the same drug efficiently and cheaply.
Gavin Williamson, the new Conservative MP for South Staffordshire, said his constituent, who is suffering from lung cancer, was refused a course of Taxol and Pemetrexed by South Staffordshire PCT - despite a doctor recommending that she be given the medicine.
The trial, which compared the drug with injections of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.'s (New York) Taxol, showed Abraxane significantly improved the overall response rate in first-line treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients.