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During a radio interview Sunday, Hasan admitted that controls were needed to prevent poor implementation of the subsidy on gasoline and stressed that there were two key conditions regarding the subsidy -- beneficiaries need to be drivers of taxi cabs and buses that have been registered at the Public Works Ministry and that the drivers be entitled to work in the sector.
Its Toyota types of Soluna and Limo account for 95% of the total number of taxi cabs in the regular class in the country.
AM General, a United States-based company that produces heavy vehicles, is producing a Taxi cab model at its H2 assembly plant.
Some high-risk settings that provide fertile breeding grounds for violence include work situations where direct contact with the public is recurrent, money is handled, or delivery of goods, services or passengers takes place, such as in trucks, taxi cabs or police cars.
Though taxi cabs are mobile, that fact alone does not necessarily make them fall within the public sphere," he held.
The classic case that almost everybody reads in law school is about New York taxi cabs," says Reicher.
THE Met have bought 25 taxi cabs to help fight crime in London.
Officers also set up Operation Stance to root out criminals handing out illegal licences for taxi cabs.
Green Seal, which has issued eco-standards for everything from paper to taxi cabs, handed out its Campus Green Buying Guide.
The premiere destination television network in hotels will now air in 6,600 WABC Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT) taxi cabs in New York City.
MANILA -- From passenger jeepneys, buses and UV Express shuttles, the Pink Fever in Metro Manila has spread to taxi cabs.
The organizers now plan to roll out 250+ she taxi cabs in all major cities across the state.