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Tax exempt entities often request that funds provide a C corporation as an entry point into the fund.
ATEBT owned four participating tax exempt bonds that bear interest rates of 9%," said Stuart J.
Coalition critics charge that nearly all of the Coalition's work is political in nature and thus it does not deserve to be tax exempt.
"The participants with ownership stakes in the project will be able to take advantage of their tax exempt status - and save on sales and real estate taxes."
"This landmark ruling sends a strong message that churches must obey the prohibition on partisan politicking if they expect to remain tax exempt," said AU Executive Director Barry W.
In addition, the IRS also recently announced that it will create a new "tax exempt" division to oversee all nonprofit groups, including religious organizations.
subsidiary with no such interest deductions, and the ultimate remittance of dividends to the foreign parent could never be wholly tax exempt.(4)

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