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This is one of the few instances when principal payments are tax deductible. If the marginal corporate tax rate is 34%, the employees can buy the company for only $.66 on the dollar.
Advertising costs are indeed tax deductible but those for entertainment are not.
Options for making tax deductible gifts to WILPF are also available through our website at
* You can have a buy-sell agreement be tax deductible, and in this way provide for what will happen in the event that your business partner dies or leaves the business.
He then obtained a court order from the state court that had granted the original divorce decree: It said the court had "clearly stated more than one time" that it intended the alimony to be tax deductible to Okerson and taxable to his wife.
The Recycled Tire Research and Engineering Foundation has received 501-C-3 status from the Internal Revenue Service, positioning the foundation to receive tax deductible contributions, bequests, devices, transfers and gifts.
Contributions to a Traditional IRA may be tax deductible and the earnings grow tax-deferred.
Organizations with this status are allowed to be more political than other tax-exempt charities, but donations to (c)(4) groups are not tax deductible.
(All donations are tax deductible. Once an individual makes a donation to the Foundation, he or she is automatically a member of the Executive Director's Society and placed at one of 10 levels.)
Any gifts in the UK through Gift Aid or legacies are tax deductible. These and other gifts should be made to: For A Change, 24 Greencoat Place, London, SW1P 1RD, UK.
Another advantage: of contributing by allotment is the convenient record of your tax deductible contribution.