K. Sunao, Japanese pathologist, 1873-1952. See: Tawara node, His-Tawara system, node of Aschoff and Tawara.
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Maborrang said the two, who were identified as aliases Tatay Tawara and "Fermin," were formerly under the NPA's Guerilla Front 71, which operates in the provinces of Sarangani and Davao Occidental.
Kraay and Tawara (2013) suggest that indicators serve the practical purpose of helping policymakers target specific reform priorities.
Mori A, Yamashita S, Nakajima M, Hori H, Tawara A, Matsuo Y, et al .
According to Lodhran, a book by Taqi Shamim, Fort Talwara was named after Tawara (232-273 BC), one of the sons of Ashoka.
(65.) Tawara Yoshifumi & Tomomi Yamaguchi, What Is the Aim of Nippon Kaigi, the Ultra-Right Organization that Supports Japan's Abe Administration?, GLOBAL RESEARCH (Nov.
Much has been written focusing on a single or integration a couple paradigms in SCM (Naylor et al., 1999; Christopher & Rutherford, 2004; Kleindorfer & Saad, 2005; Vonderembse et al., 2006; Kainuma & Tawara, 2006; Rosic et al., 2009).
A left sided accessory pathway allows retrograde conduction from the ventricles to the atria while antegrade conduction occurs through the atrio-ventricular node and the right Tawara branch [3].
(66.) Ibid., 330.18 (Samsam al-Dawla); 336.6 (Shapur: sahha anna l-wazira badrun munirun * idh tawara kama tawara l-buduru; the second tawara is a shortened form of tatawara).