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Our successful collaboration with LexisNexis Risk Solutions prior to the acquisition proved to both organizations the compelling opportunity to combine online and offline identity to deliver even more valuable solutions to our customers, noted Reed Taussig, CEO, ThreatMetrix.
Kurt Taussig, 93, is depicted in Return from Bologna, which was painted by his friend and fellow pilot Alan Holt, who became an artist after the war.
Alexandra Taussig works as Fidelity's senior vice president for women investors.
In his book titled 'Defacement,' the anthropologist Michael Taussig uses the term 'defacement' to refer to this transgressive act.
This Japanese approval is based on the company's YUKAWA-2 Phase 3 study, TAUSSIG open-label, single-arm study.
Decimos que aparentemente porque el tema no es nuevo, como lo demuestran los dos volumenes de Umberto Eco Historia de la Belleza e Historia de la Fealdad--que Taussig no menciona--publicados en 2004 y 2007 respectivamente.
Another seminal contribution to the development of regulatory economics came in 1891, when Harvard professor Frank William Taussig, the influential editor of the Quarterly Journal of Economics, gave his own version of why price discrimination was important for industries with high fixed costs.
While physicians are expected to be confident and knowledgeable about their medical specialty, that confidence doesn't always extend to financial matters," Fidelity Investments senior vice president Alexandra Taussig said in the statement.
Taussig at Harvard University; and Omicron Chi Epsilon, founded in 1956 by Professor Alan A.
The USS Courtney (DE-1021); The USS Cromwell (DE-1014); The USS Dealey (DE-1006); The USS John Willis (DE-1027); The USS Joseph K Taussig (DE-1030); The USS Lester (DE-1022) and The USS Van Voorhis (DE-1028) will hold their reunion Sept.
Nine papers selected from the presentations at the conferences discuss Ricardo's monetary theory in a historical context, various aspects of his theory of money and finance, and the aftermath of Ricardo's monetary thought with regard to Thomas Tooke and Frank William Taussig.
The Shoreby Hill centerpiece shingle-style home was built in 1899 by Chapman and Wright for James Taussig, one of the founders of the Jamestown Land Company.