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For a working mother, it is quite difficult to be enthusiastically involved while balancing her work and family roles (Tausig and Fenwick, 2001).
Earlier off-spinner Umar Lohya picked up three wickets for 34 runs while Tausig Ahmed slammed a breezy 61 from only 38 balls with the aid of eight fours and two sixes.
While many earlier life events studies measured both positive and negative events, most recommend using only negative events because they have a stronger association with the outcome (Biafora et al., 1994; Kale & Stenmark, 1983; Larson & Ham, 1993; Swearingen & Cohen, 1985; Tausig, 1982).
Built within a one hundred-inch-square wooden frame in collaboration with New York Times puzzle maker Ben Tausig, Jafri's thirty-six-clue crossword was so large relative to the gallery space that it could be viewed in its entirety only from an angle.
She also accompanied Trump on his recent trip to the Middle East, likely the first time a Review-Journal reporter accompanied a president overseas, says Wright.) "You don't need to speculate about Israel Hayom's coverage of Trump," says The Seventh Eye's Shuki Tausig. "The paper gives Trump better coverage than Fox News and practically works as his PR."
See Tausig 2013 and Sopranzetti 2013 for accounts of the red-shirt movement leading up to and during the 2010 protests.
Imran Butt (goalkeeper), Kashif Shah, Mohammad Aleem Bilal (full-backs), M.Irfan Captain), Tasawwar Abbas, M.Rizwan, Fareed Ahmed (Half-backs), Mohammad Tausig, Umar Bhutta, Mohammad Kashif Ali, Ali Shan, Arsalan Qadir, Haseem Khan, Samiullah, Owais Rehman and Taimur Malik (Forwards)
The emotive technique (pathos) appeals to the target audience's feelings (Gottweis, 2006; Tausig, 2015), that is, those of the regulator.
Aulino, Felicity, Eli Elinoff, Claudio Sopranzetti, and Ben Tausig. "Introduction: The Wheel of Crisis in Thailand".
In 1938, Semans and Tausig reported a saccular dilatation of atrium in 5 year old girl without appendage involvement.
Moreover, these structural features are often linked with self-directed work and job resources such as schedule control, autonomy, and challenging work (Kohn and Schooler 1982; Ross and Reskin 1992; Tausig and Fenwick 2011).